We draw (with) everything

Illustration • Icons • Logos • Custom graphics • Infographics

To visualize, for fun, to take notes, to make plans or build monsters… well, any creative solution should start with a sketch. We design custom identities, logos and illustration for concept and final piece, maps and icons. We love pencil, pens and colors, charcoal and paint, raster & vectors, light and shapes. We adore to draw big maps and tiny icons: any surface, all scales, either tool, anything.

Printed Matter

Printed graphics • Packaging • Posters Invitation • Custom prints • Catalogue.

 A unique approach to combine modern technology with traditional printmaking: from handcrafted limited editions to digital publishing. We design identities by all means.

We design the code.

Web coding & development. • Control Panels  • UX & UI design •  Layout • Typography & Component •  CMS

Structuring and organizing your content into a cognitive perspective. We just don’t make website: we build coded architecture for both visuals and informations. We customize beautifull dedicated panels for your needs and custom tailored interface that will suits you. Design practices to generate cohesive, predictive and desirable interfaces based on “fully rounded” consideration of users’ experience. From mockup to fully working, with a distinctive attention to usability. 

It’s all about motion…

Tradigital Animation • Stop Motion• Motion & Titles background & Character design • Storyboard

A traditional approach to animated keyframe, but we use the latest technologies! We put your ideas into motion, anymotion.

We also design background and character sheets with scrupulous attention to details and create storyboard for your visual production.

Always ready to deliver “deep sheets” for all your keyframes.

Creative Ready

Infographics • Creative Concept • Copywriting Campaign • Strategies.

We are looking for creative clients, quality it’s not negotiable. It’s all about ideas, not how to sell them: think how a good concept stands out by itself. Selecting a good hint, searching, finding and analyzing data, conducting research and building a concept, that’s what we call “strategies”. We simplify complex process and help people to tell stories, to create compelling, sharable creative content. Creative ideas make a beautiful market: so stop being boring, now.

Shaping Maximalism

Videomapping  Videodesign  Interactive Data Visualization  Presentation Visuals

Well, if you don’t know anything about videomapping, then you don’t know about the endless possibilities given by the interactions between Space and Sound, Light and Body, Architecture and the City.  Audiovisual installation, liquid and sensitive architecture, Video design for stage and shows: a new chapter on  “mise en scene” for both public or private events.

“have a seat , please”

Visionary & Creative Interiors • Prototipings • Props Production & Staging •Ingenous solution

Different from other studios and agencies we prefer to produce few pieces by hand rather then limited editions onto large scale. We wish to develop an antithetic approach to rapid prototyping : with this  in mind it’s the “origin” that generates the key to identity. We wish to restore forgotten techniques and skills: deconstructing traditional crafts towards a complex simplicity.

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